“Illy is better. Sightglass is bougie.”

This is what the gentleman at the ticket desk inside sfMOMA told my friend Jess and me when we asked about the coffee options inside the museum. Thankfully, we didn’t listen to him, because the “bougie” shot I had there was one of the best I can remember: a rich crema with a nutty/chocolatey taste and a solid body. I learned from my short time in the Bay Area that quite a few people love to hate on sightglass, but I will definitely check out their 7th Street location the next time I find myself in town.

Most of my short stay in the Bay Area, though, was with my friends Peter and Betsy, who recently moved to Walnut Creek from San Francisco. When Peter doubted that I could find good coffee in Walnut Creek—Peter had already shown me that Walnut Creek has the best tacos I’ve ever had—I decided to treat it as a challenge. Yelp made the challenge a little too easy, though. We found the Coffee Shop, a multi-roaster cafe that serves excellent “bougie” coffee from all over the country, including Cafe Grumpy from back home. We also had some great old-school espresso at Pacific Bay Coffee Co., a coffee shop and micro-roaster in downtown Walnut Creek. The head roaster Chris geeked out with us, offering samples of some natural-processed Colombian coffee (he explained that most Colombian coffee is washed, not natural), and we talked shop a little. I picked up some Guatemalan beans for my travels.

Of course, we also had to hit up the Blue Bottle in Oakland, where Peter snapped this photo of me. (There were others, but he insisted I use this one.)


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